Steve Holmes and the birth of a Village Vibe Tribe - Tedder Village - How it began Capturing the Village Vibe This Village concept was born from factors that already existed in and around Tedder Avenue, but there was no centralised connection or form to capture and project it's existence.

How it began

Capturing the Village Vibe

This Village concept was born from factors that already existed in and around Tedder Avenue, but there was no centralised connection or form to capture and project it’s existence.

The Avenue had the Villagers, but no stage. Just as an orchestra needs a stage and a conductor to bring it all into harmony, so to it was for Tedder Avenue and its Village Vibe, that was just waiting for a stage. . . Tedder Village and its Villagers is the orchestra and Tedder Avenue is the stage. I will leave the conductor bit up to your imagination!

Tedder Village born out of distraction

So it’s a hospital Birth !

As some will know I have over the past 2 years spent considerable time in the Gold Coast Uni Hospital’s ICU’s and Surgical wards. I am also a frequent guest of the Royal Brisbane & Womens Hospital. I have been locked into a mortal life and death battle with an incurable and very aggressive terminal cancer. Cholangiocarcinoma has no cure and no Survival rate, but I am working on overturning that title.  (a fatal Liver/Pancreatic Combo) 

Through the looking glass I go!

Distraction is a powerful asset, it can transport your mind to happier places. Places that engage living life, generating Vision and Purpose, instead of slipping helplessly into thoughts of death and despair.

Yes I am making light of the grim and desperate outlook. I had to make a very deliberate decision and effort to disconnected from the avalanche of bad stuff. I then fully engaged in to a world of purposeful living stuff, even if it meant being very unrealistic often.

When you move into distraction mode your mind throws up some pretty weird eclectic stuff. Getting back home and back to the Vibe of Tedder was an easy thing for me to picture in my mind. It just seemed so real –  full of people laughing and living life . . . very luring and engaging!

Vision and Purpose 

So thats what I focused on when I closed my eyes. I had a Vision and a Purpose to distract. Thats where and how the Tedder Village concept was born. I began immediately to design and build the experience in my mind. I also promised myself that as soon I got home I would build it into its reality online.

So the sperm made it through! 

So even with my eyes closed (which was often) I kept my mind busy imagining how I would recreate this magical Village Vibe. It may sound ridiculous but I even imagined myself writing down notes, which I had no physical strength to do so at the time. I also imagined sketching outlines of the experience and how it would look and feel.  I could really see and feel the happy Village Vibe – it was captivatingly real!

Thats it, thats how this whole Tedder Village concept got started. I am certain that Claire thought I was absolutely bonkers at the time, but who could blame her for thinking that way, but a busy mind served its purpose of not succumbing to the nasty thoughts that would have taken me. If you want to dig deeper on my story jump over to

Introducing a Village to its Vibe! 

When I was released from the grips of the Hospitals Surgical wards and safely back home, I began almost immediately to recreate the imaginary into its tangible reality. Yes as my strength would allow, I began tuning up a Village Vibe and a Village stage to play it on. I have continued my distraction mode as I have moved through my weekly Chemo and now Immunotherapy infusions. Typically these are an all day affair, with me strapped into the big blue chair. The Iphone and Ipad have served me well as I distract my way through these stressful days. 

Fast forward to now – September 2018, and the “Village” is now a reality and ready to play its tune for all to enjoy and join in.

A quick thanks

Both the Main Beach Association and the Main Beach Progress Association (Our Main Beach) have got behind Claire and I to encourage this Village concept – so thank you to both Organisations. You can see their initial Connection under “Orgs” on the Village Page.

Regards Steve

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