The little Ave that Roars – Tedder Avenue a Village with Attitude.  A lifestyle environment that is Simple to understand and enjoy. A Lifestyle Culture and Aura that exudes a “Remarkable and Resourceful” Experience that adds real value to the Villagers lifestyle both Online and Offline.

A Village with Aspirations

Our Primary Function 

  1. Collect, Centralise and Simplify all that is Tedder into our Online Platform
  2. Connect the Villager to the Villager and the Village to Villager 
  3. Connect and expand the Village Experience to the outside world.

Our Primary Aspirations

  1. Continually innovate and Evolve the Connection Experience
  2. Provide Fast and Fluent Connection Pathways.
  3. Increase the Village footprint.
  4. An Attitude that Roars:  Be Remarkable and Resourceful at what we do,  an essentialist culture at adding real tangible Value to our Village experience.

Collect and Connect with Passion

We Consistently pull together and simplify all that is Tedder.

We have created a centralised Village Platform, to facilitate easy discovery, and to highlight all the Opportunities, Options, Experiences and Assets available within the Village.

This easily accessible centralised platform in its own right defines and promotes our unique Village.

We focus on continually developing ‘Mobile’ pathways to and from this Centralised Village platform. Fast, Fluent and Entertaining – An experience at our fingertips 24/7.

The Villagers make the Village.

Knowing our Villagers Expectations and then building an online Village Experience around them makes for simple sense.

We consistently strive to exceed these expectations, by remaining Current, Open and Evolutionary to all things Tedder.

The Villagers make the Village, and that is an everyday thing – Evolutionary in nature, nothing stands still.

A Village Connected like no other !

The collective of connected Villagers is the ‘Village Vibe.’ A Village that stands out within the Gold Coast.

Quality Connection Experiences underpin what we do and it underpins the Village itself.

We are proactive guardians of the Village Vibe and Villager aspirations.

We ‘Connect’ Expose, Share and Leverage all that is Tedder Avenue and its Village of Villagers.

It all started with an Avenue that has personality – an Avenue that Roared, but it is so much more than that now . . .

It takes an unconditional ‘Willingness’ to build something of true and unique Value . . .  A Village that adds true value to the Gold Coast Experience . . .  A Village with a Tedder Avenue at it’s centre  . . .  A Village that Roars !

How Tedder Village began

About Steve the Village

The Evolution of the Biz Villager. 
An Evolution which will always boil down to an unconditional “Willingness” 

What is Tedder Village
A Village that has grown out of an Avenue, an Avenue that inspires a lifestyle.

Tedder Village is primarily a “Centralised Online Platform” that provides “Connection Experiences” that connect the Villagers to the Village Vibe, (and hub) via fast fluent mobile pathways.

The Village Model is a “Connection Experiences” platform, not an “Advertising” platform, participants must be a Villager at some level in order to connect and project their presence within the Village. Benefits of the “Connection Experiences” also flow with the Village footprint as it expands outward capturing the wider audiences from regional and international Village relationships, partnerships and friendships..

A little Village that Roars

It all starts with “Villagers” and especially the Villagers in business. The Biz Villager is front facing carrying forward the Village Vibe.

The Biz Villager carry’s a responsibility to exceed the experience expectations of it’s Villagers.

It is noticeable on the Avenue, that increasingly good results are coming to those Biz Villagers who are consistently exceeding this.

We like what we are seeing!  A really strong trend is under way with a crisp new momentum that broaden the village smile. A ‘Grassroots’ ‘Bottom Up’ momentum is now entrenched and this makes great financial sense on both sides of the Villagers value exchange.

Sharing the Village Vibe

Tedder Avenue is the central driver to a very strong ‘Village’ style – A Village full of Vibrant Active lifestylers who love life.
The Village is also central to a strong dynamic suite of Facebook communities that funnel back to the Village.

Working hard together and Sharing our “Village’s Honey Pot” is smart and powerful.  A Village that exudes this type of X-Factor influences better financial outcomes.

We understand the primary power of great transparent Connections, along with a Villages unique advantage in realising cross promotional leverage from within the Biz Villagers.

A successful Connected Village Experience has is a “Grass Roots” “Bottom Up”  exercise, projecting a very unique brand – a stand out value within the Gold Coast and beyond.

Villagers love transparency – Who are you?

Villagers want to know who you are and that includes your fellow Biz Villagers – Transparency is engaging and has free leverage.

These following questions create tangible transparent sharing results and flow through to where it counts – more customers and revenue.

  1. What get’s you out of bed every morning, both professionally and personally?
  2. Can you please define what it is that you do?
  3. How do you achieve this?
  4. What do you think defines your value?
  5. Can you describe your ideal Client type/attributes (We need to know how to recommend you)

Reviews No Way !

We do not want any negative stuff on our watch!

We are not a ‘Reviews’ platform – We Connect !

We connect and highlight all that is Tedder – The Village Vibe.

We will not facilitate or contribute to the negative.

Reinforcing the obvious

  1. Cross Promotion between Villagers and the Village has been identified as a very powerful advantage through the Village platform.
  2. Biz Villagers can “Cosy up or Buddy Up”, via the Village Platform, its all part of leveraging off a healthy vibrant Village.
  3. This is something you may want to discuss with us once you are up and running on our Village platform.

Our Village Connection starts at “Free” 

The Village “Honey Pot” is the unified collective of all the “Front Facing Biz Villagers.” on Tedder Avenue.
Supporting these “Front Facing” Biz Villagers with a free Head Start connection is a no brainer, and demonstrates our commitment from the “Get GO”

What we do;

  1. We provide a high quality connection experiences that elevate the value of the Tedder Village Experience.
  2. We provide a “Free Head Start Connection” automatically to all front facing Biz Villagers.
  3. We provide Paid ‘Upgrade’ Connection Experience options that are very cost efficient to ensure Biz Villager participation.
  4. We provide very cost efficient Paid Connection Experience options to all none Front Facing biz Villagers.

Tedder Villages Financial Model – A  Shared Value.

Our Connections platform is nicknamed “TedderX”
TedderX Creates, Hosts and Projects Biz Villager Connection Experiences. A platform designed for Village/Community styled environments to provide a higher quality connections between business and villager.

1. TedderX develops and creates ‘Connection Experiences’ specifically for Mobile Device viewing.
2. The Platform generates its earnings from “fees” per “Connection Experience” created and hosted.
3. We have variations of  the TedderX Platform that are available under a licensing for fees agreement to other suitable Communities, Villages, Sporting / lifestyle Groups and Biz Village Centres which display inherent Villager elements.

Our Aspirational Drivers

  1. Exceed the Biz Villagers Connection Experience Expectation.
  2. Demonstrate the real value of being connected to our “Village Honey Pot” – the Village Vibe and all its networks and Friends.
  3. Provide paid upgrades that are very cost effective and transparent in shared Value.

An Awesome Responsibility

The Village Vibe is the collective of all Villagers, but we see that the “Biz Villager” as a “Super Villager” and the keeper of the Vibe”.  The Biz Villager connects, shares and conveys, all day everyday on the Avenue –  We think this is an awesome responsibility and an opportunity to show off our Village.